Out of Many Documentary Screening Tonight @ 8pm…Dont miss it!!!

Come one come all!!! Tell the pundits, your friends and family in red states blue states, libertarians, republicrats and everyone in between!

The documentary I was selected to be part of during last year’s inauguration will be screening this Monday night at 8PM on the web at www.outofmanythemovie.com.

Here’s a note from director Josh Apter:

“Since so many people came together to help get the film to this point, I thought I’s see if people wanted to be involved in the editing process too – the screening on Monday will be a  first of it’s kind rough-cut sreening with a live public chat to follow.
Watch the movie any time after 8PM on February 15th (President’s Day) by going to www.outofmanythemovie.com, then share your thoughts after the show.”
To make sure you’re signed up, please click the link on the home page, or go HERE.
Thanks always for the support, now you get to relive a glimpse of what happened last year!

Documentary Screening coming up!

Can anyone believe its been an entire year already?! Its the one year anniversary of last year’s inauguration!  Celebrate by checking out the documentary I’m part of called Out of Many.  Make sure you sign up for email updates, as the official worldwide online screening will be coming up soon.

Here’s the low-down:
GROUNDBREAKING, PUBLIC [...] Continue Reading…


One Year Reflection

Today marks the one year anniversary of that fateful Tuesday last December when I took off on my bicycle from Los Angeles en route 3000 miles to see President Obama’s inauguration in Washington DC.  I must say this entire month has been filled with emotions, some happy, others quite sad, as I reflect on what the past year has [...] Continue Reading…


Un-Theft in New York

So I’ve been off the radar for a couple months, a quick recap- I moved to Long Island New York and have been working in an after school program.  Anyways, a few weekends back I left my fixed gear bike locked up at a train station only to come back a couple days later and it was gone! I [...] Continue Reading…


Speaking in Saint Louis!

Tomorrow I will be speaking about my experiences at Saint Louis University.  It should be a great opportunity to generate discussion about how we can simplify our lives to help others.  If you know anyone in the Saint Louis area tell them to shoot me an email, I’d love to link up with them, and check out the local [...] Continue Reading…


A summer run-in with my past

Does randomness exist? Well, ever since I started riding I’ve learned that just about anything can happen!

In a fluke encounter last week in Portland, Oregon, I ran into Chase, a fellow cyclist I met along my journey in Texas.  Turns out, he’s spent his summer doing the same thing I did last winter, taking off on his bike a [...] Continue Reading…


New Videos.. documentary still in the works

I know its been a while world.. but in the last two months I’ve been a little m.i.a. due to a short term mission trip to Kigali, Rwanda with a sports outreach called Play for Hope . So amidst the extremely slow speed internet connection (technological infrastructure is steadily speeding up, but is still seriously lacking) and the fly [...] Continue Reading…


Crisis in IRAN..an interview with an Tehran graffiti artist

the Iranian elections this week have brought about an enormous amount of civil unrest, these are words telling how the situation is in Tehran, and how freedom of speech is being restricted. [...] Continue Reading…


come ride in the Joy Ride May 30th

Here’s a great chance for you to give hope to the lives of hundreds of Rwandan children this summer. By riding your bike and collecting sponsors for each mile you go, you will be contributing to sustainable sports camps for Rwandan youth!

You can take an active part in bringing social justice to children of Rwanda. Starting this June 2009, [...] Continue Reading…


Support Play for Hope

Please watch the video and consider making a contribution to the effort.
There are so many charities and organizations that focus on Africa’s need for help from us.  Many of those often have failed to accomplish a sustainable change in the lives of those involved.  Play for Hope has laid a foundation based on sustainability, and has the chance to [...] Continue Reading…